Monday, December 06, 2010

Decorating for Christmas. Part I.

This weekend, I had to put off my card making and get busy decorating my house for Christmas. We usually do it in simple Scandinavian style as we (my husband and I) are both very closely related to Scandinavia – he, because he’s half Danish, and me, because nationality-wise I’m Estonian. And if you are familiar with the Estonian and Danish Christmas traditions, you probably know how similar they are and that the Christmas elves, Nisser, (or “päkapikud”,  in Estonian) are very popular characters during Christmas time. And our house is not an exception. There are elves everywhere and they are all different. Some are girls:
Some are boys, like this little guy on the skis:

Some are hiding in the Christmas stockings:

But some are in the bells:

My latest addition to the elves’ family are these Advent calendars that I bought online from Garnet Hill:

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